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Usurper...the Home Game

Post by Zims_daddy » Thu Feb 08, 2007 4:56 pm

I've been curious about all of these \"cheats\" and shortcuts I've read on the forum over the past couple of weeks, so I decided to download the v.20 game and run it on my laptop (with a BBS).

After about an hour of getting this or tweaking that, I got the game to work. I then went into the editor and and changed some parameters to allow me to be resurrected 50 times (just in case I really screwed things up).

Anyway, I figured out the strength shortcut (with the roids) and gave myself something like 200 STR pts in an hour.

Then I went into the editor and pumped up my money to buy this *Last Blade*. Nothing special at, except it's +400 on weapon power.

I then added the best armor and magic from the editor to my character and saw a nice improvement. Finally, I boosted my experience points to somewhere around 99 million and became 100 level when I got back into the game.

Played around as King for a bit to see what that's all about. It's not that great, but then again the game was only two hours old by then.

I then went up against the Supreme Being and figured out the Hit Point cheat that everyone mentions. I can see where that would take some time to do. I boosted up about 2,000 hp and then went after the Supreme Being and became a god.

That was when the game got boring. I saw you can do no adventuring, no interaction with the mortals (except to convince them to worship you), do really evil deeds, and you have to collect havre to gain a level.

I think I'll just stick to being a mortal when I get to that level. I just hope I can still explore the dungeon once I hit level 90 and can travel to the 100+ level (or is that strictly against the Supreme Being).

Anyway...I got bored and deleted the game from the laptop. I'll stick to the BBS versions and deal with the consequences for my actions there.

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Post by Lenny of Repan » Fri Feb 09, 2007 4:35 am

sounds as though you had a short grand adventure. Some like to use the editor to look at weapon or armour information. You can do most of what you did, just playing in Local mode, without the bbs requirement. But as you state, its not the same as a live bbs connection with other players to deal with.`I often use the local play mode to check results on special drinks from Orb's bar. This way I can have a ;particular character drink 100-150 drinks in short order to chart the results.

Sometimes you can do dungeon play at level 100, an other times you'll only find the supreme being. levels 101 thrru 109 you'll only meet the being.
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