The Masters

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The Masters

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Was wondering what each master does differently? I know they give you different number of hitpoints etc. but who does what in regards to your class ?

[1] Akrappa, The Wise.
[2] Singuman, Bearer of Light and Fire.
[3] Ishana, The Last Northern Princess.
[4] Dzarrgo, The Ancient Stone Lord.
[5] Agni, The Shadow Dweller.
[6] Apollonia, last Pupil of Sagan, the Sage.
[7] Sachmez, The Great and Evil Witchmaster.
[8] Umilak, The Demon Tamer.
[9] Asanga, The Mysterious.
[0] Gregorius, The Patriarch.

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Re: The Masters

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I too would like to know what the different masters do differently. I tried finding Lenny's old Masters guide, but most of the links on it that are visible just lead to an old dead geocities page. I am a human alchemist and would like to know which master would be best suited to mitigating my weaknesses and enhancing my strengths.

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