Need some help on Which version I should be useing

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Need some help on Which version I should be useing

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Hi. I used to run a board with Usurper. Was a blast and very popular with my users. Glad to see some work was done sorta recently.

I'm trying to revice my old board, on a machine close it it back in the day (running Tag 2.7) and i seem to be having
a prolbem with the recent (.20D/E) revisions. No Matter what way i try and start usurper, it always does the same, alot of drive activity for a good
10 minutes and then freezes. 0.17 loads fine, but theres alot of features in the newer version (as well as being free now, THANK YOU!) that
i'd like to use.

The system is a p233mmx running either dos or win95. Dosen't matter to usurper, it hangs no matter what i do. Ive done i new install, reset the game,
tried calling it via Usurper /L. Everything i do results in a hang. (eg, trying it without win95 or the bbs loaded)

Can anyone out there help me out with this?

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