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A few suggestions

Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 4:13 pm
by Deneb
Hey all,

I have a few suggestions for Usurper.

1- Equipement upgrading

It would be nice if we could upgrade our equipement with special gems. These gems would be found in the dungeons and would possesses special powers. A strength gem that you put on your axe for example would give your character a boost in strength as long as he is using it. That way users would more likely keep their equipement instead of continually selling their equipement and buy more expansive ones. The gems would be quite rare. Also, once you put a gem on a weapon(or armor) it should be impossible to \"reverse\" the operation. This way you would be forced to use your gems wisely. This is how it works in the PS2 game \"Champions of Norrath\" and it works pretty well. I would really love to see this in Usurper, any thoughts on this?

2- Different types of attack

What if monsters would be more vulnerable to a certain type of attack. For example, a monster could eat more damage when attacked with a slashing weapon (axe,sword,dagger...) while another would be more vulnerable to crushing weapons (mace,hammer,morning star...). Also why not include elemental attacks (Fire,Cold,Thunder) and other special type of attacks (Poison). You could find gems (Idea #1) for those type of attacks too.

3- Shop Vs Dungeon

I think it would be better if most of the equipement would be found in the dungeon rather than the shops. It would add to the excitement of finding something when you're in the dungeons. Some piece of equipement could be very rare and might possesses encrusted gems or other special/unique abilities.

That's all for now,
Take care